O’Reilly: Superman Defeated by Soros’ Anti-American Kryptonite

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, host of the “O’Reilly Factor,” has incorporated the latest cultural product into his theory of American politics. He writes:

In the new film “Superman Returns,” Daily Planet editor Perry White responds this way after being told the Man of Steel has come back after a five-year absence: “Does he still stand for truth, justice and all that stuff?”

And all that stuff?

The original line in the television series and movie, of course, was “truth, justice and the American way.” But no way the “American way” gets in the film.

Rather than hearing a scriptwriter’s expression of the character’s skepticism, O’Reilly explains that it’s “because Warner Brothers, the studio distributing the movie, doesn’t want to tee off any foreign viewers with pro-U.S. sentiment.” He goes on to cite surveys showing a lack of support for U.S. foreign policy, and he implicates “the anti-American press” and “the rise of a well-funded and well-organized secular-progressive (S-P) movement in America.”

The S-P philosophy would rattle even Superman. Led by moneymen George Soros and Peter Lewis, who have bought enormous Internet access, the secular-progressives are selling the theory that the USA needs radical change, a complete overhaul. …

That’s not the American way Superman used to uphold. This is a brave new world that threatens even super heroes. The old ways of respect for the basic nobility of America, the capitalistic free enterprise system, and the Judeo-Christian philosophy of personal responsibility are all under siege by stealth forces more powerful than a locomotive.