OneNewsNow, a Quote-Unquote News Site

The creative geniuses at the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow still haven’t learned their lesson. The right-wing site was roundly ridiculed last month after we reported that the site was automatically replacing every instance of the word “gay” with “homosexual” in the Associated Press stories that it syndicates. As a result, they ran numerous stories like this one about track star Tyson Gay: “Homosexual breaks Greene’s US record in 100 at trials.”

And they’re still at it. The folks at Queerty noticed some less-than-subtle edits in today’s AP story on Hallmark’s decision to carry same-sex wedding cards.

The headline – Now on Hallmark Aisle: Gay Marriage Cards – was changed to this: Hallmark embraces homosexual ‘marriage.’

And the lede went from “Most states don’t recognize gay marriage” to “Most states don’t recognize same-sex ‘marriage.’”

The scare quotes around marriage are a great touch, but we’re surprised that OneNewsNow passed up the opportunity to replace “same-sex” with “homosexual,” as they did later in the story. This can only mean one thing – the OneNewsNow summer interns have headed back to Virginia Beach to resume their formal education at Pat Robertson University.