Obama’s Ideological Beast Stalks Christians

While I cannot guarantee its authenticity and haven’t been able to find it reproduced anywhere else, the blog Give Me Jesus posts what is purportedly a message from Lou Engle praising John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate and, given what we know about Engle and his over-the-top rhetoric, this certainly sounds like something he would write:

The ideological beast of Obama’s worldview has been drawn out of its lair and now stands naked and exposed by Palin’s compassion and conviction. The beast is not just Quayle hunting. It is hunting our children, our nation’s destiny, and us. The rage of the media against Palin simply further exposes the moral bankruptcy, bigotry, and lack of compassion of liberalism. The media, Obama’s court prophets, have become Selma’s new sheriffs of the South beating the new heirs of the civil rights movement – the millions of unborn children attacked in the womb and countless women hurt by abortion – with their journalistic Billy Clubs and loud hectoring.

With his choice of Governor Palin as his running mate, John McCain has once again gone to war. However, this time, not in the distant lands of Vietnam and Iraq, but he has gone to war for America, for our families, and for our children. And this war, we cannot afford to lose.