Obama “Will Accelerate God’s Judgment on America”

There is not really much we can add to these sorts of dire predictions that the end result of Barack Obama’s presidency is going to be the hastening of God’s judgment on America:

An author and end-times scholar believes Barack Obama will continue the disastrous policy of trying to force Israel to give up more of its covenant land, including the city of Jerusalem, to create a Palestinian state.

Author John McTernan fears Obama’s policies will hasten God’s judgment on America. He wrote As America Has Done To Israel, which he recently updated to include the current financial meltdown.

McTernan believes that presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have pursued an Israel policy that has brought on 45 major natural and man-made disasters on the very same days the American government has pressured Israel to divide the land. He contends the situation will only worsen under the new president-elect.

“What may change is the force of American diplomacy and power. [Obama] may try to literally twist the arm of Israel, or he may de facto recognize a Palestinian state,” McTernan says. “I think the pressure [on Israel] from America is going to become greater under him. I can see him coming on strong to pressure Israel to divide Jerusalem and to create a Palestinian state, which I believe with all my heart will accelerate God’s judgment on America.”