Obama and Pelosi Are Angry, Weather-Controlling Gods

The latest issue of WorldNetDaily’s “Whistleblower” magazine exposes how the Obama administration and the Democrats are intentionally creating crises so that they can turn America into a “full-fledged socialist state” …. apparently by using their omnipotent, God-like powers to control the weather: 

The American electorate has watched in amazement for a year as the Obama administration has created unprecedented havoc and outrage throughout the nation.

And yet, the actual result of 2009’s non-stop crises has been not just the dramatic transfer of wealth and power away from citizens and small businesses and into the hands of government, but also the beginnings of a profound transformation of America’s economic and governmental system.

Is it possible that the Obama administration is intentionally creating crises for the purpose of converting America into a full-fledged socialist state? To many, such a conclusion sounds like an absurd conspiracy theory.

But for those knowledgeable about the modern history of the radical left, creating crises is simply how things get done.

Indeed, in one of its most powerful issues ever, the January 2010 edition of Whistleblower magazine – titled “THE CRISIS CREATORS” – documents conclusively that the Obama administration’s primary modus operandi of governance is the transformation of America through wreaking havoc.