NPR: States Consider Unenforceable, Unconstitutional Anti-Immigrant Legislation

NPR reported this morning that, although anti-immigrant Republicans no longer control the U.S. House, “Some of the harshest measures proposed last year in the House are popping up at the state level now.” NPR mentions one bill in Virginia that “would make it a felony to knowingly assist an illegal immigrant” – even more draconian than a similar bill reported previously. NPR:

“Transporting an undocumented immigrant to the hospital would make me a felon. Going to the National Capital Food Bank and getting food and distributing it to day laborers would make me a felon,” [said Mexicans Without Borders volunteer John Steinbach].

The bill’s sponsor, Del. Jack Reid, doesn’t rule that out. “If they know it, and they’re purposefully doing it, yeah, we’re after them too.”