NOM’s Brown Gets Defensive in DC

Yesterday, the Washington, DC City Council held another round of hearings on marriage equality in the District at which the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown testified.

During his testimony and subsequent questioning, Brown consistently played the victim, complaining that “those of us who believe that there is something special and unique about husbands and wives are equivalent of bigots or are animated by hatred or irrational animus.”

Council Member David Catania questioned Brown about NOM’s 990 tax forms and the group’s failed effort to avoid Maine’s campaign disclosure laws. Brown responded defensively, claiming NOM was being singled out for discrimination.

Catania also asked Brown about the the views espoused by NOM board member Orson Scott Card, who wrote in favor of overthrowing the government if Proposition 8 failed in California. Brown didn’t even attempt to defend Card’s outlandish views — instead he responded that he does not “know all of the pronouncements of anyone that is a board member of NOM, but the fact is that people are entitled to a wide variety of opinions on this issue and I would defend his First Amendment right to speak just as I would yours”: