New Sons Of Liberty Ad Buy Canceled

Yesterday, we wrote a post about a shadowy group called The New Sons of Liberty which was poised to spend a $1 million on anti-gambling ads tied to Alabama’s primary election.  The group exempted Roy Moore from its attacks on the grounds that he is the only candidate opposed to all forms of gambling, but nobody has been able to figure out who was behind the group or where the money was coming from.

And now the planned ad buy has been canceled:

A mysterious new political group canceled $1 million of TV advertising time for the last week of Alabama’s primary elec­tion, leaving stations to scramble for new advertisers to replace what would have been a blockbuster buy.

Station sales managers said they re­ceived an e-mail shortly after 1 p.m. Thurs­day saying the ad buy for the New Sons of Liberty was being called off.

“We ask that you please cancel all buys related to this client. A spot will not be able to be made, nor will the checks be sent out,” the e-mail said.

Nobody seems to be sure if this ad buy was real or a hoax or what, though Randy Brinson, president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, said that he knows the out-of-state interests who were behind the group but cannot reveal that information because it will compromise the identity of the person who revealed it to him.