New ‘Patriot Pastors’ Group in Virginia?

The Family Foundation of Virginia, a group that organized support for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in 2006, is putting together a “Pastors Issues Summit” that appears to be modeled on the recent “Patriot Pastor” organizing in Ohio, Texas, and other states.

According to the group’s brochure, Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Republicans, will join a representative of the right-wing legal group Alliance Defense Fund to speak on topics such as “Your role as a pastor in Civic Government” and “The political environment in Virginia.” Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, is apparently invited – but if this event resembles the “Patriot Pastor” events in other states, it will be a partisan crowd.

From the Family Foundation’s e-mail announcement:

The Family Foundation and Pastors for Family Values are pleased to announce our first Pastors Family Issues Summit, to be held at the newly renovated state capitol on Tuesday, September 11, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Pastors Issues Summit is an opportunity for pastors to interact with other church leaders from around Virginia and to gain a more complete understanding of the issues facing our families.  Held in the newly renovated state Capitol, attendees will hear from experts on the issues and leading political voices in Virginia, including Attorney General Bob McDonnell. 

Attendees will hear experts on topic such as the role of pastors in civic government, the issues facing the General Assembly in 2008, the legal rights of pastors to speak on family issues and more.

Pastors For Family Values (PFFV) is a newly formed grassroots arm of The Family Foundation through which pastors connect to both The Family Foundation and other like-minded pastors.  PFFV is denominationally, regionally and ethnically diverse, attempting to illustrate a unity in the body of Christ on pro-family issues. The PFFV is also sub-divided into regions so that local TFF chapters may interact with them as needed.

Nearly 100 pastors and church leaders attended PFFV’s kick-off luncheon in May.