Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Claims Religious Mandate for Men to ‘Force’ Women to Submit

During a recent podcast, neo-Nazi and admitted “rape promoterAndrew Anglin declared that Christian men must dominate women and force them to submit because that is the only way that women can be genuinely happy.

Anglin, who was booted off of Twitter in 2013 only to be reinstated late last year, is the publisher of “The Daily Stormer,” a neo-Nazi website named after a Nazi propaganda newspaper. He maintains close ties to white nationalist Nick Fuentes and others within Fuentes’ far-right America First movement, including multiple streamers on Fuentes’ “anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Black, antisemitic” Cozy.TV platform. Those streamers are fully aware of Anglin’s toxicity and thus make halfhearted attempts to disguise his identity behind the less-than-clever pseudonym “Wang Lin” whenever he appears on their programs.

It is via his “Wang Lin” persona that Anglin recently teamed up Cozy.TV streamer “Paul Town,” whose real name is reportedly Evan Zenker.

On a recent episode of their “Wangtown” podcast, Anglin declared that the founders of Christianity and early church leaders were basically “incels” who taught that the only way for women to be happy is for them to be forcibly subjugated by men. While the term “incel” is defined as an involuntary celibate individual, it has become associated with a misogynist movement of men who blame women for their problems and believe women owe them sex. Fuentes and others on the far-right have adopted the term to justify their contempt for women.

“Anyone who tries to say that Christianity supports women and women’s dominance and that Christianity says women are not obsessed with sex and don’t base their entire existence around sex, go read the letters of Paul, go read any of the church fathers,” Anglin said. “It sounds like an incel forum if you read what the first Christians were writing.”

Anglin complained that “the basic problem with all of Western civilization was that the church sold out the people” by encouraging women to be educated, which he claimed only “fuels women’s egos, which is not even healthy for women.”

“When women are liberated, they have higher expectations,” Anglin argued. “So, because their expectations are not met, they become unhappy because they have new expectations from feminism. And it’s like, well, Occam’s Razor: the most obvious thing is that women don’t actually get any happiness from this liberation. What gives women happiness is marriage and being submissive to a man, which obviously, they don’t do that voluntarily. You’re not going to have a woman voluntarily submit to you; you have to force her. That’s the reality. You have to dominate the woman, and even if you do think you have dominance, she’s gonna keep pushing you. I mean, there’s women who get divorced in their 60s and 70s. So it’s a lifelong thing to try and wrangle this bitch like a wild horse, but a horse [eventually] breaks.”

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