Miss. Gov. Agrees ‘The Election Is Rigged’: ‘Any Republican Has To Have An Overwhelming Majority’

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said yesterday that he agrees with Donald Trump that the “election is rigged,” claiming that any Republican “has to have an overwhelming majority of the vote” in order to win.

Radio host Paul Gallo asked Bryant about Trump’s claims, saying that polls are “one way it’s rigged.”

Trump is right, Bryant responded: “The election is rigged. Any Republican has to have an overwhelming majority of the vote. And, of course, as it has been designed as we look at the states and where the more liberal voting populations may be, in the cities and New York and California and some of the other areas, all you have to do is win those, particularly larger states, and you can forget about flyover country. That doesn’t seem fair to me at all.”

“They [have] free will to do just about anything they want to in some of these states that have liberal control,” Gallo said.

“Keep the polls open as long as you want!” Bryant responded.