Mike Bickle: Exercising Dominion By Casting Out Demons

As we noted in our post-event write up of Rick Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally, a large portion of the event was run by Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer:

A major chunk of the day was given over to Mike Bickle, who runs the International House of Prayer (IHOP) movement, which recruits young people into “radical” devotion to prayer and fasting. Yes, he’s the guy who said that Oprah is paving the way for the Antichrist. Bickle’s associate Lou Engle has organized a series of stadium events pushing prayer, fasting, and politics under the banner of “The Call,” which provided the model for “The Response.” Bickle and Engle are hard-core dominionists who believe they are ushering in a new Christian church which will take its rightful place of dominion over every aspect of government and society.

Today, we were watching part of a message delivered by Bickle entitled “Authority of the Believer, Exercising Our Dominion in Christ” in which he explained that part of exercising dominion is the ability to cast out demons which, Bickle stated, he has had to do several times in his life when he has personally been attacked: