Michele Bachmann Says the Election Was ‘A Coup’ and H.R. 1 Will ‘Forever Cement’ Democratic Control

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann participated in a World Prayer Network prayer call Sunday night during which she declared that Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election was “coup” and warned that passage of the For The People Act election reform legislation (H. R. 1) will “forever cement that illegal takeover into place.”

On election night, Bachmann boldly asserted that God had “sealed this election” in Heaven on behalf of Donald Trump and she has steadfastly refused to accept that her declaration had been premature and ultimately wrong.

“I want everyone to realize what we’re living through and what we’re witnessing is a coup,” Bachmann said. “This is called a coup, and a coup is a political term, and what it means is an unlawful, unauthorized takeover of a legitimate government. America had a legitimate government, but this is an unauthorized, illegal takeover through voter fraud in last November’s election, and now H.R. 1 [will] forever cement that illegal takeover into place.”

“Make no mistake about it—what we’re watching is a coup,” she continued. “You see this in third-world countries. It’s happening in the greatest country in the world, the United States, but it is a coup.”