Michael Snyder Says That If Elected, He’ll Be ‘Ranting Like Alex Jones’ On The House Floor

Michael Snyder, a Religious Right activist and conspiracy theorist seeking election to the House of Representatives in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, told Infowars listeners this week that if he is elected to Congress, he will “go right to the floor of the House of Representatives” and “start ranting like Alex Jones.”

On Monday, Snyder rode shotgun alongside Jones on the news desk at Infowars’ Austin, Texas, studios. Jones gave Snyder glowing praise, to which Snyder responded by promising listeners that he would serve as an extension of the Infowars worldview in Congress.

“If I go to Congress, we very well understand I’m going to be the most hated member of Congress in all of Washington, D.C.,” Snyder said.

Jones chimed in, “Oh, it’d be beautiful if you were there. Because instead of just educating folks in Idaho by running, and you are in a close second place in a seven-way race, but if you get there, imagine you up there on C-SPAN, on national TV, everywhere, going through the New World Order, going through the TPP, going through the Department of Education. It would really be a good thing.”

“Oh, and I’ll go right to the floor of the House of Representatives and I’ll start ranting like Alex Jones, you guys know me, right from the floor of the House of Representatives,” Snyder told listeners. “So if you want to see that, we have this opportunity to defeat the globalists one seat a time.”

Snyder is one of the 12 far-right candidates we recently profiled in advance of the 2018 election.