Michael Savage: Replace Gitmo With Firing Squads

On Tuesday, right-wing radio host Michael Savage reacted to President Obama’s proposal to close Guantanamo Bay “in the waning months of his mad, mad reign of terror.” Savage, claiming that Obama’s attempt to close the military detention facility is motivated by a secret, terrorist-sympathizing agenda, offered his own proposal for Gitmo: firing squads.

“People who, if found guilty and, by the way, if they’re not guilty, what are they doing in Guantanamo to begin with?” he said. “They’re put there because they’re guilty. If they’re so guilty of consorting with terrorists or plotting terrorism, why have they not been executed to begin with? Why don’t you just line them up in front of a firing squad and give [Guantanamo] back to Castro?”

Savage commended U.S. service members convicted of murder and other crimes while serving in Iraq, worrying that they will soon share prisons with former Gitmo detainees: “He wants to bring the world’s worst terrorists to America, to house them in prisons that we have here, whether it be Florence or Fort Leavenworth, now housing Marines that did their jobs too well. Leavenworth now has some of our Marines who killed too many Iraqis while fighting for their lives and the lives of Americans. If they did their jobs a little too well, they’re rotting in Fort Leavenworth.”

He then returned to his conspiracy theory that Obama may have ordered a hit to take out Justice Scalia, claiming that the president is now similarly threatening members of Congress and refusing to fight terrorism in order to “fight the American patriots” and start “killing people with impunity.”

While relieved that Obama hasn’t “figured out a way to take guns out of your cold, dying hands,” Savage said “there is a lot of time left” for the president to “take away your right to bear arms” and “have the exact power that Castro has over his people, turn them into slaves, in essence, frightened, little slaves.