Michael Savage: Obama Is Waging White Genocide

On Tuesday’s edition of “The Savage Nation,” far-right talk show host Michael Savage chatted with a caller, “Bob,” who claimed to be a retired Air Force veteran who is “kind of in hiding.”

The caller told Savage that under President Obama, “we are seeing a systematic genocide of a single race of people within this country” and that the president is using immigration “to destroy this country through genocide.” “Yeah, I know the genocide, I know which race he has targeted,” Savage replied.

“It doesn’t take an Albert Einstein to see what he’s doing and who he’s targeting. In that sense, he’s a mad man. He’s a mad man. He has a specific vendetta that is obvious to anyone that studies what he is doing and who he is favoring.”

This is not the first time that Savage, who has frequently hosted Donald Trump on his program, has accused Obama of committing white genocide; the last time he did so, he cited what he thought was a Mayan prophesy he saw on TV.

Savage, comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler, wondered why intelligence and military officers haven’t stood up to the president: “Don’t you understand you will become the good German? Don’t tell me that if you have lived during Hitler’s time and you heard about the burning of bodies in the gas chambers, you would’ve done something. He’s burning the nation to the ground. He is wrecking everything sacred to this nation.”