Michael Brown: Christians Who Accept Same-Sex Marriage Spread ‘Poison,’ Should Not Be Welcomed Into The Church

Anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown weighed in earlier this month on the controversy surrounding Jen Hatmaker, a popular evangelical author whose publisher pulled her books from its stores after she announced her support for marriage equality and same-sex relationships. In an interview with Julie Roys on her “Up For Debate” program, Brown argued that Christian leaders like Hatmaker who openly support LGBT rights should not be welcomed into the church because they are “encouraging others to fall into sin.”

“Yes, I would keep the door open relationally as long as I could, as long as there was openness,” Brown said. “But once they said, ‘No, this is it, this is what we hold to, this is what we will not promote from our pulpit, from our leadership role, this is what we will now promote,’ at that point, now they are encouraging others to fall into sin. At that point, now they are leading others down a path of deception. At that point, now they are spreading poison that will hurt many in the body of Christ.”

Brown added that people like Hatmaker will “confuse the flock” with their messages of LGBT acceptance. “They are going to hurt young people in particular that are attracted to them,” Brown said. “It’s fundamentally wrong, it’s fundamentally erroneous. The Bible explicitly says those who live like this—be it in a committed or non-committed relationship, that was never the issue—homosexual practice is contrary to god’s created orders.”