Merging Anti-Islam Activism With Prophetic Dominionism

Jerry Boykin and Frank Gaffney were among the lead authors of the right-wing “Team B II” report “Shariah: The Threat To America” which claims that the “Muslim Brotherhood in insinuating shariah into the very heartland of America through stealthy means.”

Given their mutual hatred of Islam, it makes sense that Boykin and Gaffney have continued to work together in various capacities.  By the same token, given Boykin’s deep ties to to “prophet” Rick Joyner and the Oak Initiative, it likewise makes sense that we’d eventually see a merging between the prophetic dominionism of Joyner with the anti-Islam advocacy of Gaffney … which finally emerged yesterday on Gaffney’s radio program:

Rev. Rick Joyner kicks off today’s program by introducing his efforts to unite and equip Christians through The Oak Initiative. Two years ago, Joyner hosted a three day seminar to bond the Christian Church together in a time of great crisis morally, spiritually and economically. In these times, “we need to know what we believe,” says Rev. Joyner who as President of the foundation seeks to educate Christians on the crucial issues of the day, including Islamic Extremism. Through the Initiative Christians are uniting across the spectrum, and standing firm against the “Chrislam” movement, that seeks to combine both religions. “We have a responsibility as Christian leaders to defend the truth,” he says as he adamantly rejects the notion that Allah is the same God of the Bible. And he is bold in his defense: “Our Jesus is not coming back to kill all Christians who do not submit to Islam.”

The fact that Gaffney calls Joyner “one of my personal heroes” and the two are vowing to work together to fight any bridge-building efforts between Islamic and Christian leaders means we can probably expect to see a lot more from this partnership in the future.