McDonnell Invites Robertson to Inauguration

When Bob McDonnell was running for Governor of Virginia last year, he tried to down play his ties to Pat Robertson, especially after the master’s thesis he wrote was attending Robertson’s Regent University back in the last 1980s surfaced and when Robertson recently declared that Islam is “a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination” whose adherents should be treated as “members of some fascist group.”

But now that McDonnell is preparing to be sworn in in his new job, he’s invited Robertson to the inauguration:

McDonnell said his inauguration Jan. 16 will emphasize community service. Activities, to be announced today, include inaugural balls in Abingdon, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads this week, plus Richmond-centered activities next week.

There also will be visits to food banks, homeless shelters and prison re-entry facilities to emphasize community service in a time of need, he said.

“It’s a chance to highlight people in need that are struggling in this economy and asking the people of Virginia to pay attention to people in need,“ he said.

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson of Virginia Beach, a longtime McDonnell ally, has been invited to the inauguration, and McDonnell said he thinks he will attend.