Mary Colbert: Trump’s Border Wall Is OK Because Heaven Has Gates

Last week, Don and Mary Colbert, two Florida activists who claim to be members of Donald Trump’s faith advisory board, appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” to discuss the supposedly horrendous implications of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Don Colbert said that “our religious liberties are slowly being stripped away little by little” while Sharia law moves closer to becoming a reality in the U.S. He accused Clinton of bringing “Islamists” into the country, which he said will lead to a surge in terrorism and security issues.

“If we continue to be a borderless, globalist society, we will continue to have these drug dealers coming in, to have these ISIS fighters, suicide bombers coming in,” he said. “We will have terrorist activity after terrorist activity and we will lose our religious liberties.”

Mary Colbert added: “You know what blows me away? It’s that people get so all up-in-arms over us wanting a wall and security when Heaven has gates.”