Mary Colbert Recounts How God Used a Literal Horse Race to Confirm that Trump Would Become President

Religious Right activists Don and Mary Colbert were guests on today’s episode of “The Jim Bakker Show,” where Mary recounted how the Holy Spirit used a 2016 horse race to confirm to her that Donald Trump would be elected president.

Colbert, who co-authored the book “The Trump Prophecies” with so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, said that she had been supporting Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primary until she read the prophecy that Taylor claims to have received from God declaring that Trump would be president.

“What I felt when I read the prophecy was like a Holy Ghost slap in my face,” Colbert said, “and I just stood there and went, ‘Father, if this is who you want, I’m getting behind who you want.’ Because when you get on God’s side, you’re on the right side every single time.”

While she was impressed by Taylor’s prophecy, Colbert said that she still “needed to hear the Holy Spirit confirm” to her directly that Trump was God’s choice for president. Shortly thereafter, Colbert claims that she had a dream in which she was told to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race, which was happening in a few weeks.

Despite having been commanded by the Holy Spirit to watch the race, Colbert said that she got distracted on the day of the race and missed it. When she went to look up the results, she said that the first headline she saw said, “Creator Wins By A Photo Finish.”

“I sat back at my computer and went, ‘You’re really going to do this!'” she said. “I was like, ‘Okay sir, I thank you for that confirmation.'”

Colbert claims that, even more amazingly, the horse that Creator beat in the Belmont Stakes was named Destiny, which she took at further confirmation of God’s plan for Trump.

“Now, you can’t make this stuff up,” she said.

Apparently you can, as the horse that finished second to Creator was actually named Destin, not Destiny.