Mark Taylor: Trump Downgraded Hurricane Florence with Weather Control Technology

Last week, Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter prophet” and radical conspiracy theorist, appeared on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast, where he credited President Trump with downgrading Hurricane Florence before it made landfall on the east coast earlier this month.

Taylor, who has repeatedly asserted that the Illuminati creates and controls hurricanes, told Zilinsky that Florence weakened prior to striking the U.S. because Trump had taken control of the weather control technology.

“Yes, they have the technology to create hurricanes and steer ’em,” Taylor insisted. “It was a [category] four or five coming in, this thing was coming in hot but then God said, ‘Not.’ I think it’s two-fold: one, I think that the army of God is doing its job and warring against this thing, but what we have to realize is that there is technology behind this, Sheila, we’ve got to get to the root. We’ve got to be praying against the technology behind this, the weather stuff. They have the technology to create these storms, earthquakes, all of this stuff.”

“If you noticed yesterday, we had 13 observatories worldwide went down, their cameras went down,” Taylor added. “That’s a little strange, don’t you think? And all of a sudden this thing gets downgraded to a [category] one? So I’m thinking that maybe the president and the white hats were sending a message to the cabal that you’re no longer in control, that we now are controlling this. So I’m wondering if they somehow went into this storm—technology-wise, so they couldn’t see it with the cameras from the observatories—and kind of took this thing down a little bit.”