Mark Levin: SCOTUS Nominees Treated Worse Than Terrorists and Criminals

Mark Levin, right-wing radio host and editor-in-chief of Conservative Review, told a crowd at a Hillsdale College event that conservative Supreme Court justices like Brett Kavanaugh are treated worse in America than mass murderers and terrorists.

In a speech streamed on his CRTV outlet, Levin addressed a crowd assembled for an event hosted by Hillsdale College, a private conservative Christian college in Michigan. During his speech, Levin asserted that Kavanaugh, who faced allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford at a party in high school, had been treated unjustly.

“If you are in this country and you’re a known terrorist and you’re captured, you have due process rights. You can’t just allege things. You’ve got to go through the system. If you’re a mass murderer, you get due process rights,” Levin said. He then pointed to the person, whom he described as “subhuman,” that authorities have charged with killing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts and noted that even that suspect was entitled to due process in the courts.

“If you are a constitutionalist who is nominated to the Supreme Court, you are treated worse than a terrorist and a mass murderer,” Levin said. “Our entire system we just discussed—criminal, civil—the entire system is built around due process.”

He continued, “They have legal standards that they have to meet unless you’re nominated to serve on the Supreme Court and you want to uphold the Constitution. The Senate Judiciary Committee is a disgrace.”

At the Values Voter Summit last month, Sen. Mitch McConnell told Religious Right activists that Republican efforts to fill the courts were on track to “transform the federal judiciary for a generation.”