‘Mama, What Were You Doing When Our America Fell To Tyranny?’

When right-wing radio host and commentator Gina Loudon spoke at CPAC on Saturday, she revealed that she has dedicated her life to fighting for conservative principles so that she’ll be able to tell her children that she did all she could to save this nation when they are all locked up in a gulag 20 years from now.

Loudon explained how she became especially motivated after meeting Kitty Werthmann, a woman who survived Nazi rule in Austria as a child and then became a right-wing hero in America by warning that President Obama was following Adolf Hitler’s path.

“After I met Kitty, I had nightmares,” Loudon said. “Every night I would go to sleep and I would picture myself in a gulag across from one of my children, with them asking me, ‘Mama, what were you doing when our country fell to tyranny?’ Let me tell you something, my friend — every moment, every step, every interview, every book I’ve written, everything I’ve done from the day I met Kitty Werthmann has been so that I can answer that question should it ever arise 20 years from now and my child sits across from me in a gulag and asks me, ‘Mama, what were you doing when our America fell to tyranny?'”

“I can promise you this,” she told the CPAC audience, “every one sitting in this room, you’re going to have an answer.”