Maine’s Mike Heath Returns As Head of a New AFA Affiliate

Last year, during the battle over marriage equality in Maine, Mike Heath of the Maine Family Policy Council was busy embarrassing the right-wing effort by claiming that gay marriage leads to things like graffiti, vandalism, and crop failure.

Heath soon found himself cast aside by the movement and, seeing the writing on the wall, resigned his position as the head of the Maine Family Policy Council, announcing that it was time for him to do something else with his life and that he was going to get involved in the manufacture and distribution of solar cookers in Africa.

When, just two months later, Heath showed up on Peter LaBarbera’s “Americans for Truth” website to declare that “Homosexuality is a sickness. It’s a sin. We need to stop putting up with it,” it was pretty clear that Heath had no real intention of moving on from his professional anti-gay activism … which is why Jeremy Hooper’s discovery that Heath has now launched an American Family Association affiliate in Maine comes as no surprise:

In February of 2010, Mike Heath received approval from the American Family Association in Tupelo, Mississippi to create their affiliate here in Maine. Heath is no stranger to the people of Maine. As Maine’s most well-known advocate for family values, Heath unapologetically defends Christianity and Western Civilization. He is deeply concerned with the corrosive effects of the sexual revolution on Maine culture. His signature issue is, and will be for some time, so-called “gay rights.” The people of Maine are renowned for choosing common sense over political correctness. They can easily understand why AFA of Maine advocates removing the phrase “sexual orientation” from Maine’s laws and regulations. “Sexual orientation” is a term which may have limited value in personal therapy, but the phrase only causes confusion when applied to law and politics. Heath is adamant that sex outside of marriage is immoral and shameful. Society upholds the institution of marriage to protect men, women, and children. Sexual activity is only one small part of marriage; and homosexuality does violence to that institution. AFA of Maine welcomes support from everyone who wants to take a stand for decency, morality, marriage, and the family. Individuals and organizations interested in working with us should email [email protected] 

Since it is impossible for anyone to ever be too extreme for the AFA, adding Heath to their roster seems like a perfect match.