Lou Sheldon’s Paranoia

There really is very little one can add to this rant from Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition since his bizarre rambling pretty much speaks for itself

Billionaire Atheist And Homosexual Activist Are Busy Building A Shadow Government

The Washington Post did conservative voters a favor two weeks ago by running a feature on the newest venture of billionaire atheist/socialist George Soros and his ally, millionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill.

Soros and Gill hope that their millions will buy them far left control of Congress and the White House in 2008.

Soros’ front organizations typically use words “progress” or “progressive” in their titles. These words are code for socialist or internationalist ideologies and amorality. Soros pours money into efforts to legalize marijuana, euthanasia, and other anti-life activities.

Tim Gill has used his millions to try to defeat marriage protection amendments all over the U.S. The Gill Foundation is an artesian well of money for homosexual activist groups. His foundation is targeting our nation’s public school children for pro-homosexual brainwashing programs through its funding of  “Gay Straight Alliance” clubs on junior high and high school campuses. These groups exploit sexually confused youth into believing they’re “born gay” and that they must become a liberal political force in America.

Of course, if anyone knows about shamelessly shilling for a millionaire in order to advance said millionaire’s personal agenda, it’s Sheldon

YOU KNOW the Rev. Lou Sheldon as the anti-gay leader of the California-based Traditional Values Coalition, but star lobbyist Jack Abramoff — now the sultan of pleading guilty — knew Sheldon as “Lucky Louie.”

The Washington Post reported in October how Sheldon helped gambling interests who did business with Abramoff — and Sheldon. In 2000, eLottery, an Abramoff client — sent a $25,000 check to the Traditional Values Coalition, as per Abramoff’s instruction. Then, the anti-gambling Sheldon lobbied enthusiastically against a bill to curb online gambling. At Casa Sheldon, grease is a traditional value.

When the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act went down in flames in a House vote, an Abramoff associate e-mailed colleagues, “There was Lucky Louie out front” high five-ing with some lobbyists.

For more info on Sheldon’s Abramoff-related work, check out this Washington Post article.