Lou Engle’s Latest Fast ‘An Act of Spiritual Violence’

Lou Engle (Photo: image captured from livestream of March 2017 POTUS Shield gathering.)

Lou Engle, the dominionist organizer of stadium-sized prayer rallies and member of the Trump-supporting apostolic network POTUS Shield, has launched a new 40-day global fast through his organization The Call.

Engel has a long record of organizing prayer and fasting campaigns designed to support political causes, like the anti-marriage-equality Prop 8 referendum in California in 2008. Last year, he called on Christians to engage in prayer and fasting to protect President Trump from a global witchcraft attack. At a POTUS Shield gathering last March, he called for God to sweep away Supreme Court justices and other federal judges who uphold Roe v. Wade.

The new fast, which began on Monday, was described in an email:

Years ago Lou Engle had a defining dream in which the great guns of God were going forward into battle but they were held up and restrained by an old man in an old cart. Suddenly a company of soldiers in an amazing act of spiritual violence expelled the hindrance and the mighty guns of God were released to go to war. Instantly the scene changed and a scroll unfolded upon which it was written, “In yet 40 days I will send the rain!” 

We sensed God revealing through this dream that the old man depicted old mindsets of doubt and unbelief that were restraining the prayers of the saints. It was clear to us that this kind of unbelief comes out only by prayer and fasting. Thus, we understood the 40-day fast to be an act of spiritual violence with power to dislodge and deploy from our hearts the very prayer of faith.

With this in mind, let us engage together in these days of fasting, with expectation of the glory of God going forth through us in battle. It’s a time to fix our gaze on the prophetic promises and position ourselves to open heaven’s gates.

The email encourages three specific prayer requests: for “latter rain outpourings of the Holy Spirit upon this generation”; for “the greatest release of laborers that the world has ever known” for the harvest of souls; and “that all Israel will be saved and return to their Messiah.”