Lou Engle’s DC House of Prayer

While researching the Religious Right’s newest start Lou Engle and his ties to the International House of Prayer which, as we noted last week, had recently canceled classes due to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, I discovered something I had not known: namely, that Engle has a prayer house located right in Washington, DC known as the Justice House of Prayer, which is also the headquarters of Bound for Life:

In the Fall of 2004, the Lord led Lou Engle and a group of young people to fast and pray in our nation’s capitol with a focus on the upcoming elections and for righteousness and justice to be established in America’s government. The prayer mobilized before the elections soon became ongoing prayer for the ending of abortion and the reformation of our society. Since that time people of all ages continue the unending cry for justice and mercy in JHOP DC.

Our hope is for Jesus Christ to become the “desired of the nation.” We have faith for the reformation of society through revival and spiritual awakening. In the meantime, we contend in fasting and prayer in the cultural gate of America against false ideologies that are destructive to our nation and families.

Strategically located only a couple blocks away from the Supreme Court and the Capitol Building, JHOP DC facilitates training and corporate prayer and fasting through young adult internships and a network of local intercessors. While other interns in DC are learning the trade of government, our interns are learning the trade of governing through prayer. Luke 18 gives us a mandate to never give up in night and day prayer for justice. This draws us near the heart of God in His great desire to release justice in the earth and ultimately the return of Jesus–the Just One.

In addition, JHOP DC is the birthplace and headquarters for Bound4LIFE, a wide-spread grass roots prayer movement aimed at the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the reformation of government and society through spiritual awakening.

I also discovered this Nightline segment from 2005 on Engle’s DC-based prayer network that profiles the young men and women who have taken up the call to pray non-stop for the Supreme Court and our nation’s government to end abortion:

Be sure to also check out this “mini-documentary” on JHOP uploaded to YouTube earler this year:

Keep in the mind that the man responsible for this has, in recent months, become one of the most influential Religious Right leaders in America, regularly rubbing shoulders with (and occasionally placing hands upon) current and former Republican members of Congress.