Lou Engle: “Political Correctness Is Killing Our Prophets”

Lou Engle recently spoke at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City about the importance of the upcoming 10th anniversary TheCall rally to be held in Sacramento, CA over Labor Day weekend to fight, in part, the “Antichrist ideologies [that are] pervading our universities and campuses“:

Christians must stand on the truth of God’s Word and not bow down to intimidating forces that would cause them to compromise for the sake of political and cultural expediency. We believe that this ruling is an invitation for true believers to stand for truth, pray like never before, and proclaim boldly the name of Jesus on their campuses. To simply wilt in the face of this ruling or to surrender when campuses try to misuse it to take away your rights is to give away more ground to the Antichrist ideologies pervading our universities and campuses.

When judicial and governmental rulings threaten to silence the voice of the Church, she only has one great recourse; united fasting and prayer as an appeal to heaven. … The stakes are higher now than they were ten years ago. It is time for a spiritual revolution on the campuses of America.

But it not just about universities, it is about America … and most importantly, political action:

I still believe in the greater revival for America. I still believe that abortion can end in America. I still believe that our education systems won’t have to be taught homosexual ideologies and little Hispanic kids who can’t afford to go to private education will not have to be taught the sexual immorality of the so-called false prophets of our education systems. I’ve got to believe that sex trafficking back be driven back and drug lords can be arrested because the praying church bound principalities and powers.

I still believe that righteous men and woman can arise in places like Hollywood and tell the stories of the fame of God. I still believe that men and women can arise into the high places of government in our nation, like Daniel.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know this: I’ve been called to stand in such a time as this. And if The Call was raised up with hundreds of thousands over the last ten years, I’ve still got to believe the promise He gave to me ten years ago when He spoke to me that what I am pouring out is stronger than the rebellion. This Sixties forty-year cycle is up and the Seventies forty-year cycle is ready to release another Jesus Movement. Can you believe with me for that.

Just begin to pray right now, pray for America. Pray. Just begin to pray for America. Pray God, in our darkest hour, when we don’t even know right from wrong any more, nobody can even say a word publicly without being vilified, political correctness is killing our prophets, silencing the voice of truth. We have to have miracles again. Who will live for the miracle-working power of God to be displayed? I believe the days of solemn assembly are just ready to break out, that stadiums will be filled in the days of Obama.