Lou Engle Heading to Haiti

One year to the day after Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake, Lou Engle and The Call are heading there, not to bring relief supplies or humanitarian aid, but prayer and fasting that will “see the nation rise to her full prophetic destiny”: 

On January 12, 2010, the nation of Haiti was tragically struck by an earthquake that claimed 250,000 lives. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. During this time of crisis the Holy Spirit began to stir believers all across the nations not with compassion to meet the physical needs of the nation but also with zeal to see the nation rise to her full prophetic destiny. Haiti was once known as “The Pearl of the Caribbean” and we believe that in this hour Jesus the Divine Merchant is in pursuit of the Haitian people as the pearl of great price.

Haiti has been recipient of many humanitarian efforts and projects however destruction and despair continues to loom over this great nation. The Lord wants to raise of the church of Haiti as a bright and shining beacon among the nations. Haiti’s destiny will be shaped through fasting and prayer. The prophet Joel tells us that response of the people of God after a crisis (Joel 1:13) and before a crisis (Joel 2:15) is solemn assemblies with fasting and prayer.

There are thousand of saints that gather all across the nation in intercession. On January 12, 2011, a year to the day of the earthquake Lou Engle and TheCall will join and stand with 6000 intercessors to cry out for an historic breakthrough in the nation.