Longtime Trump Campaigner: ‘Steve Bannon Is Not A Strategist. Steve Bannon Is An Opportunist.’

John Fredericks, a Virginia radio host who endorsed Donald Trump early in the 2016 primaries and worked as the Trump campaign’s vice chairman in his state, eviscerated former White House strategist and Breitbart executive Steve Bannon.

In a radio clip uploaded today, Fredericks criticized Bannon relentlessly after it was reported that Bannon was quoted in a new book saying that a meeting between Trump staffers, including Donald Trump Jr.,  and a Russian lawyer was “treasonous,” sparking a public feud between Trump and Bannon. Fredericks said he believed Bannon’s actions while in the White House worked to “halt the agenda” of the Trump administration and said Bannon was an “opportunist” who came to the campaign only after Trump received the nomination.

“Steve Bannon is not a strategist. Steve Bannon is an opportunist,” Fredericks said. “Steve Bannon came to the Trump campaign after he was a nominee. The people who were in the campaign from the beginning, like Corey Lewandowski, and John Fredericks—me—and people of that nature, we were there when he came down the escalator. We were there when he was a joke in the media. We were there when the New York Daily News on that day put a clown suit on him and put him on the front page. We were there when he was at one percent and he had 16 other people in the race.”

Fredericks went on to downplay Bannon’s role in the success of the Trump campaign, something that Bannon and his Breitbart lackeys frequently boast about on-air and in speeches.

“And let me tell you something, I don’t know what Bannon did there. I’d tell you what Kellyanne did. Kellyanne Conway ran the campaign. She won the election, not Bannon. Kellyanne Conway ran the show.”

Fredericks went on to lambast the numerous bad judgment calls that Bannon made in the White House before he was fired last August.

“Then he becomes White House counselor. What did he accomplish? Nothing. Healthcare? Nice job, Steve. Charlottesville? Great advice on that one, Steve. Alabama? Another winner, Steve. Then they fire your ass and now we get this,” Fredericks said.