Lively: Gays Seek “Complete Control Of Society”

Scott Lively of Defend the Family International appeared on Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth Radio Hour today to discuss his win of this year’s “American Truth Teller” award. Lively and LaBarbera joked about how gays and lesbians deny “trying to corrupt the minds of young people” and “recruit” them into homosexuality. Lively explained that gays and lesbians deny what he claims is “most true” about them, including false claims that homosexuality is linked to pedophilia, AIDS, and the recruitment of “not just children but everyone they can get their hands on.” He concluded that gay people are in “pursuit of the complete control of society” and seek “absolute control” in order to “begin controlling every person within their grip”:

LaBarbera: Scott, are you saying that homosexual activists are actually trying to corrupt the minds of young people?

Lively: It can’t be, no, how can anyone say such a thing?

LaBarbera: It’s the only issue of which there is no issue where there is no influence at all from the older to the younger, right Scott? Lively: The things that they scream about the loudest are the things that are the most true and the most damaging to them. The connection between homosexuality and AIDS, the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, the recruitment of children, not just children but everyone they can get their hands on into the homosexual lifestyle, and the desire of the movement to achieve power.

LaBarbera: They are all about demonizing Christians like us, especially Christians, there’s always a special hatred for the Christians, and so like you said Scott, ‘anything it takes,’ it’s a utilitarian movement.

Lively: And the question is, why? Why do they do this? Because we stand in the way of their pursuit of the complete control of society. This isn’t about tolerance, it’s not acceptance, it isn’t even about accepting all things gay; this is about absolute control. And every place that they got it, and they do have it in some places, they use it, and they punish anyone who disagrees with them and then they begin controlling every person within their grip.