Lively: Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs are Designed to Recruit Kids

Yesterday we posted a clip taken from the talk Scott Lively recently delivered to a church in California entitled “The Global Threat of Homosexuality” in which he declared that homosexuality is not a sin just like any other sin, but rather a warning sign from God that our society is on the verge of collapse.

Obviously, that was not the only absurd claim he made during his hour long presentation, as he also found time to go after the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN ) and accuse them of creating Gay-Straight Alliances in schools are part of an effort to seduce lonely kids and recruit them into homosexuality:

They changed the name from the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Teachers Network to the The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network because the “Teachers Network” gave it away too much, it was too obvious that this was a bunch of activists in the schools. So they changed it to “Education Network” to obscure that just before they started launching what a now called Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs in high schools. And there are over a thousand of them – actually, there were over a thousand of them five years ago, God knows how many there are now.

These are activist clubs in the public schools in which these teenagers … many of these kids, when you see the kids that get wrapped up in this, they’re the misfits, for the most part, they’re the kids that don’t have friends in other places, they’re chubby or they have a bunch of acne or they’re socially awkward and then the Gay-Straight Alliance Club reaches out to these kids and brings them in and then they start adopting a gay identity.

And then they will take these kids out, wherever there’s these clubs in the schools there’s almost always homosexual community centers, gay and lesbian community centers – usually taxpayer-funded these days – where they will go after school or in the evenings and that’s where they meet up with adult homosexuals. And you find often the relationships between these kids are with much older people and that this is a system for recruiting kids into homosexuality.

And it’s all over our country and almost nobody knows anything about it because everybody’s afraid to talk about it.