Live Action Gives Planned Parenthood the ACORN Treatment

It appears that Lila Rose’s group Live Action was behind the covert actions that led to an FBI probe of a possible prostitution ring after all. Planned Parenthood wrote to the FBI about a pattern of incidents where men would travel to their offices across the country and describe their role in illegal sex trafficking, warning that while the pattern could be part of an elaborate hoax, the FBI should investigate the potential lawbreaking:

Last week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and requesting an FBI investigation. If the man’s assertions were true, she wrote, they would indicate possible violations of federal laws dealing with interstate sex trafficking of minors.

However, Richards said the visits could be part of a hoax resembling some past actions by anti-abortion activists.

“Once inside, these people have recorded ‘undercover’ videos of their conversations with our clinic staff and then selectively and maliciously edited the videos,” she wrote. “This may be happening once again. If so, this kind of activity should be firmly condemned.”

Today, Live Action released “Caught on Tape: Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring.” Of course, Planned Parenthood’s request to the FBI to investigate the possible sex ring clearly contradicts and discredits Live Action’s claim that Planned Parenthood is colluding with lawbreakers.

The video of a fake pimp and prostitute greatly resembles James O’Keefe’s highly edited and misleading tapes where he posed as a pimp with a prostitute at ACORN offices. As Talking Points Memo points out, O’Keefe and Live Action’s head Lila Rose have collaborated before and first met at the right-wing Leadership Institute.

Rose has become a rock star of sorts in the Religious Right community. At the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, she called for abortions to be performed in public: