Litmus Tests, Executive Orders, and Wombs

During last evening’s Values Voter Presidential Debate, debate organizer Janet Folger displayed an ultrasound image to the candidates and asked the candidates what they would do, if elected, to “restore legal protection and the full rights of personhood to every American waiting to be born.” 

The candidates quickly tried to outdo one another, with Sam Brownback proclaiming that he wanted to opportunity to nominate the Supreme Court judge who would overturn Roe v. Wade and Tom Tancredo explicitly pledged to have a specific abortion litmus test for choosing judges, while Duncan Hunter went so far as pledge to show a sonogram to any potential judicial candidate and only appoint those who see a “viable human life.” 

Alan Keyes, for his part, promised to issue an executive order committing the entire Executive Branch to protecting “life in the womb,” while Mike Huckabee talked mostly about his pro-life credentials and made some odd comparison to trying to save “six coal miners in the womb of a coal mine in Huntington, Utah.”