Lisa Miller Is Still On The Run

Last month we noted that a legal defense fund had been set up for Timo Miller, the man charged with assisting Lisa Miller in kidnapping her daughter and fleeing the country.

The defense fund also created email list to disseminate updates on what is happening in the case and over the weekend sent out an email from the “Waslala Christian Brotherhood” reporting that US authorities were closing in on Miller, but that she managed to flee from where she was living in Jinotega, Nicaragua and elude capture, which is hailed as proof that God is protecting Miller in order to prevent her former partner, Janet Jenkins, from taking Isabella to a “satanic church”:

During the last month the US detectives, the US embassy people and the local police have been harassing the Jinotega brethren. (They have also questioned Alvino and Edna and two of Timo’s brothers.) They are constantly watching and trailing the Jinotega brethren and again and again ask them a lot of questions. They have even said that if they do not help them find out where Lisa is, they could deport some of them, or put them in jail or do what the local police do here when they investigate. (And that is not nice. It’s a vicious threat!) They are not very nice about the whole thing and almost force people to talk. This has been a very tiring time for the brethren there.

Toward the beginning of all this they had come to the Jinotega school/church house combination to pick Lisa up, but God had sent her away already. Later they brought in a bunch of Special Forces to invade the house she had been living in. But she was gone.

Lisa herself was having a spiritual struggle earlier, during the time she was with the church in Jinotega. She had some difficulty submitting to authority, battled with some rebellion and suffered depression. She had a feeling that once she totally surrendered her life to God, he was going to do something big. With the help of the brethren she had a spiritual break though. It was not very long after that, that she heard the news that Tim Miller was caught in the US.

So praise the Lord that she was right with God and the church when she left. We believe God will be able to bless her now. She is under His protection. Although men seek to take away Lisa’s motherly care for her daughter, Isabella, God is in control and loves them dearly. He will not allow anything to happen to them that will not bring glory to His Name.

It’s sad to think that poor, nine year old Isabella, after living a happy and a very normal life while with the church in Jinotega, might now be deprived of those joys because of having to run. She learned the language well and had been so happy there. Oh let us pray that she would not be forced to be taken back into a situation where she is taught all the perversions of lesbianism and where she would be taken to a satanic church. (Lisa knows that before, when Janet had Isabella over weekends, she would take her to a satanic church.) Let’s pray that soon these two could live a normal life again.