Linda Harvey Tells The ‘Men Of America’ To ‘Stand Against Witch Hillary’

Mission America’s Linda Harvey has a message for “red-blooded American males”: Stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the “Jezebel-in-Chief”!

In her latest WorldNetDaily column, titled “Men of America: Stand Against Witch Hillary,” Harvey writes that Clinton’s “aura emits decay and rebellion” and that she “loves weak, feminized boys and men, not authentically masculine ones as designed by God.” On top of that, she writes, Clinton “set the most horrendous wife example in recent presidential history by tolerating Bill’s widely known affairs.”

Halloween is coming, and there’s nothing spookier than the thought of Hillary Rodham Clinton becoming America’s president.

Red-blooded American males should worry if she becomes Jezebel-in-Chief. Hillary hates you and fears your “toxic masculinity” (the feminist slur for almost any expression of male strength and principle). Her agenda will threaten your livelihood, limit your freedom and faith, endanger your children and misinterpret your motives.

Hillary’s presidency will cast a spell over normal gender expression, the natural family and new human life. Her aura emits decay and rebellion, starting with her hatred of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

We should all feel compassion for this apparently lost soul. But in praying for Hillary’s redemption, let’s also pray she never leads our country as long as she believes evil is good, and good is evil.

Hillary set the most horrendous wife example in recent presidential history by tolerating Bill’s widely known affairs. Yet by “standing by her (depraved) man” and actively attacking his alleged paramours, Hillary justified millions of American adulteries and modeled for our nation’s women a distorted view of marriage as a useful means-to-an-end for ambitious, otherwise-occupied women.

She doesn’t seem to understand responsible masculinity and reacts with paranoia to its expression. Therefore, men of America, get active and tell your friends, family and co-workers: Don’t vote for Hillary.

Hillary is unsettled simply by a strong male nearby. She spent time on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show obsessing about what she called Trump’s “stalking” demeanor on stage at the second debate.

Real men don’t abort their own children nor do they vote for politicians who support this.

Clinton is a threat to our sons and grandsons, enabling them to descend to licentiousness, to delay adulthood, to avoid being husbands and committed fathers, to embrace covetousness, to wallow in ignorance and pursue vengeance.

As she champions destructive movements like “Black Lives Matter,” Hillary adds saltpeter to the simmering stew that suppresses maturity in young black men, encouraging instead a pathological sense of entitlement rather than educational and professional achievement, respect for law enforcement and personal integrity.

Hillary loves weak, feminized boys and men, not authentically masculine ones as designed by God. So she signed on to Obama’s illegitimate transgender bathroom mandate last spring, which allows males who are pretend girls to invade private female space, and for boys’ restrooms to be invaded by girls who are pretend boys.

But national gender confusion will be the Hillary standard, and America will be more divided and less secure because of her leadership into darkness.

One strong male does stand up to Hillary Clinton. It’s Donald Trump. Despite his known weaknesses, Trump still displays many strengths important to a presidency. He advocates policies to affirm families, uphold religious freedom, encourage productivity, hold the media accountable and foster national security.