Linda Harvey Seeks to Save Children from the Quicksand of LGBT Confusion

Earlier this month, the school board in Erie, Illinois voted to ban the use of materials from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) “Ready, Set, Respect!” lesson program for elementary school students on the grounds that materials like “The Family Book,” which states that “some families have two moms or two dads” were inappropriate.

And for this decision, the school board is being hailed by Linda Harvey who says that it was “because of nonsense like this” GLSEN lesson program that she got involved in the effort to expose the gay agenda in the first place, since all it does is confuse and upset children who “can sense when something is profoundly not right”:

They want little children to learn that boys can dress as girls and girls as boys and that this is normal. They want small children to look into their futures and envision romance and even marriage with a person of the same sex and feel comfortable with this option.

When I got involved in this issue, that is exposing the agenda directed to our kids, it was because of nonsense like this. Let’s put ourselves in the minds of little children, seven or eight years old, and imagine being told that when you grow into your teen years, you may want to date a girl or you may want to date a boy but it doesn’t matter and that this is normal development. But children can sense when something is profoundly not right. The problem is they won’t always be able to verbalize their discomfort.

When adults betray the trust of kids, children react like kids who are troubled. They behave with insecurity and sometimes very inappropriately because their world just doesn’t make sense. Their little lives have become quicksand and unstable and confused adults are the reason.