Linda Harvey On Opposing LGBT Rights: ‘It Will Be Seen That The Christian View Was The Right Side Of History’

Mission America’s Linda Harvey interviewed fellow anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera on her radio show last weekend, where the two discussed their shared concerns that the Republican Party is going soft on the issue of LGBT rights and worried that this trend will only accelerate under the presidency of Donald Trump.

The GOP has been “selling out on the truth about homosexuality” for a long time, LaBarbera said, which means that Religious Right activists must really step up their efforts to “push the Republican Party to live by its platform and not cave on homosexuality.”

Harvey agreed, saying it was alarming that “anybody would ever think that the behavior of sodomy … and that people believing they can change into the opposite sex would ever be enshrined in our 1964 Civil Rights Act.”

“It’s appalling,” LaBarbera declared, lamenting that “the conservative movement has lost principle and they are really afraid of the homosexual issue,” which is outrageous because homosexuality is “an abomination” and therefore can never be a right because it violates God’s law.

“It will be seen that the Christian view was the right side of history,” Harvey added. “They keep saying that we’re on the wrong side of history; we are not. It will be proven and it’s already showing itself for anyone who cares to look.”