Linda Harvey: Feminist Seminary Class Was ‘Like A Concentration Camp’

In a radio interview last month, Linda Harvey, a conservative activist and president of Mission: America, recalled a seminary class she took that was taught by a lesbian professor whose insistence on gender-inclusive language was “like a concentration camp.”

“I ran into open lesbians in this seminary—that was not approved of at that point in the evangelical Lutheran Church in America—so they were violating that kind of standard, open advocacy of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage and then twisting scripture all around,” Harvey told Molly Smith on her “From the Median” radio program on October 12.

Harvey said that at seminary, she had “this lesbian Old Testament professor” who corrected her when she referred to God as “He.”

“This happened several times,” Harvey recalled, “and finally she said, ‘We have an inclusive language policy here, you know, we do not use that terminology. Please correct this or grades will be affected.’ It was like a concentration camp. The thought police. And it was all directed by sexually depraved, anti-, ungodly feminist agendas.”

Harvey added this was all derived from “radical feminism that starts and is heavily grounded in sexual license and homosexuality.”