Lila Rose: ‘Criminalize’ Abortion Providers, Stop Promoting Contraception

In a radio interview earlier this month, anti-abortion activist Lila Rose declared that “we need to criminalize those doctors” who provide abortions and “shift our attention in politics away from promoting abortion and contraception.”

In the August 4 interview on “A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas,” Rose ran through her organization’s deceptive attempts to claim that Planned Parenthood takes part in sex trafficking, also claiming that Planned Parenthood promotes “dangerous and deviant sexual practices” in its sexual education curricula.

“All of this comes back to the reality that as long as we allow abortion in our communities, pay for it by funding abortion chains like Planned Parenthood, we should not expect the protection or the respect for other lives, the woman or other young people coming into Planned Parenthood abortion facilities,” Rose said. “We’re going to see more disrespect, we’re going to see more illicit, law-breaking activity. You’re not going to find virtue in the practice of abortion. You’re going to find many other violations of human dignity.”

She continued, “The bottom line, the lesson here is, we have to get rid of the entire industry. We have to block it. We can’t allow abortion facilities in our communities. They need to be shut down, we need to criminalize those doctors—as they claim to be—and have them return to real medicine and stop abortion as a practice. We need to solve the challenges women face by promoting other options and supporting the pregnancy care movement and those that are helping young moms and young families. We need to shift our attention in politics away from promoting abortion and contraception, you know, hormonal drugs, that are injected into a woman’s body or taken by women and instead shift the conversation to things that are actually good for women and children and families, real, authentic healthcare.”