Liberty University Seeks to Be The “College That Elected a President”

We just wrote about this yesterday, but it looks like Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University voter drive is off to a fast start

In its first few days of encouraging students to register to vote locally, Liberty University has collected more than 2,500 voter registration forms.

“It’s going better than expected, and we’re going to continue to push it hard,” Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said Wednesday.

“I just told them how important it was to register here,” Falwell said Wednesday. “I heard on the radio yesterday that … Virginia is still right on the fence and could go either way. They could go down in history as the college that elected a president.”

Liberty University sure does have some lofty goal, doesn’t it?  Just last year, not long before he passed away, Jerry Falwell was musing that his ultimate goal was to one day have a Liberty grad sitting on the Supreme Court.