Liberty U: Home of Tomorrow’s Religious Right Leaders

A while back, Liberty Counsel stated that it was expecting more than 10,000 people to attend the Freedom Federation’s upcoming “Awakening” conference to be held next week at Liberty University.

The idea that this new organization could get 10,000 attendees to its very first conference seemed pretty unlikely, considering that events like CPAC, which are extremely influential and have a long history, had a record attendance this year of around 9,000.

But now it is all making sense, as Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver spoke with Concerned Women for America about the event and reported that Liberty University was allowing students out of class in order to attend the event:

The fact that the event is free to everyone, Liberty students and others alike, might also account for the large number of attendees expected. 

But what is most remarkable about this is that it provide further evidence that Liberty University sees itself as, quite literally, a training ground for tomorrow’s Religious Right leaders because, as Staver says, Liberty’s students are “our replacements … [who] will be the future leaders of America.”