Liberty Sunday: ‘Begging’ Viewers to Vote, Dobson Warns ‘Family as We Know It Will Die’

In a video message to the “Liberty Sunday” audience, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson warned that if “homosexual activists and the liberal media” have their way, they will legalize “not only same-sex marriage, but also polygamy and perhaps group marriage and who knows what else.” Then, according to Dobson, “the family as we know it will die, and with it will go everything else that sits on that foundation.”


In the last few months, Dobson has publicly cast aside any misgivings he might have had about the Republican leadership in Washington and has marshaled his resources towards maintaining the GOP majority in Congress come November. This was his message at “Liberty Sunday”: “The point is that your children are at risk in thousands of ways, and this next election will take them either farther away or closer to the Judeo-Christian system of values,” he said, outlining a stark choice apparently meant to convey the difference between the two parties. And, as he has been recently, the “family values” leader emphasized the War on Terror as a reason to go to the polls:

I just want to emphasize how very important this election will be for many reasons. Our country in great danger from the radical Islamic fundamentalism which is telling us now that they plan to destroy the United States and Israel—and I’m convinced that they mean it. I beg you not to sit out this time of decision. You owe it to your country, to God, to your children, and to future generations to let your voices be heard.

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