Liberty Counsel Wants Obama Impeached Over Libya

As Brian noted in the last post, US military action in Libya has made the Right lose its mind, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel have sent out an email asking activists to sign a petition demanding that Obama be impeached: 

Barack Obama’s subversion of our Constitution must be stopped!

We, the American People, must call for the proper use of constitutional authority, accountability, transparency, and respect for the rule of law – in short, we must defend the Constitution of the United States!

Liberty Counsel is continuing to demand that elected officials live up to their Oaths of Office – or be FIRED, RECALLED, or IMPEACHED.

Our powerful “Defend the Constitution” Declaration issues this directive (among others) to President Obama and all  those who hold public office at the sovereign will of the voters … When you sign our “Defend the Constitution” Declaration, we will hand deliver your mandate – along with those of tens of thousands of your fellow concerned Americans – to your Representative, Senators, and other key congressional leaders. We will also publish your views to government bureaucrats, the media, and anywhere else it is strategically advantageous.

Together, we can stop this tyranny before President Obama and his confederates succeed in remaking the United States of America into a socialist nation!