Let The Right Wing Resurrection Begin

It has been less than twelve hour since the historic election that saw Barack Obama become President-elect of the United States and the Democratic Party widen its margins in the House and Senate, and while we are still months away from them actually taking office, the Religious Right is already warning that their first order to business will be to presecute Christians:

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, believes Senator Obama was elected, in large part, because the church in America has failed to address sin in its own ranks and also in society.

Perkins says Christians should pray for and return to a biblical model of holiness and righteousness. And believers in America, he adds, should prepare for persecution.

Tony Perkins”We are going to see, I think, unprecedented attacks against our faith through measures like the hate crimes [legislation] to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” he says. “We’re going to see attacks on innocent human life through the Freedom of Choice Act, trying to erase all the gains that have been made in the pro-life movement. And I think even our freedoms are going to come under attack.”

And before that happens, other right-wing leaders are rallying the troops to launch their own right-wing attacks with Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, declaring that Obama has already “failed miserably”:

“Americans have made a grave mistake in electing Barack Obama to the presidency,” Fr. Pavone wrote. “He said during the campaign that he does not know when a human being starts to have human rights. How can one govern from that starting point of ignorance? Governing is about protecting human rights; to do it successfully, you have to know where they come from, and when they begin. The President-elect has already failed that test miserably.”

Fr. Pavone sounds a note of defiant confidence, declaring that the pro-life movement is winning in the culture and that “a new chapter of the pro-life movement has just begun. …We will keep marching toward that pro-life America we seek, and won’t stop until we get there.”

For its part, the Christian Defense Coalition has announced its own “The Birmingham Letter Project” which they plan to use to “challenge the radical pro-abortion policies of President-elect Barack Obama”:

“We will be coming to Washington, D.C., as President-elect Obama is sworn in, to boldly stand as public and prophetic witness for life. As the pro-life community, we will not go silently into the night and allow the violence to continue. Instead, we are issuing this national call for the pro-life community to come to the streets of our nation’s capital and be a prayerful voice for those who have no voice.

As for the “conservative movement” that was so badly damaged by President George Bush, Phyllis Schlafly declares that they are already in the process of rebuilding:

“I think we’re going to be looking for new leaders who express conservatism across the board – whether its sovereignty, limited spending, limited government, cuts in spending, cuts in taxes, the social issues – to simply reject these groups who are trying to muscle into the driver’s seat of the Republican Party, such as the multinationals with their ‘free-trade globalism’ agenda … We have about 30 very good members of Congress who are destined to become good leaders.”