Leigh Valentine: If You Don’t Like That God Is Using Trump To Save America Then ‘Just Get Out’

Last weekend’s “Faith & Freedom” program contained some amazing displays of obsequious sycophancy toward President Trump as Leigh Valentine, Chris McDonald, and Butch Maltby asserted that God is using Trump to save this nation and that people who don’t like it should “just get out.”

“I really believe that whether [Trump] is fully aware of it or not,” Maltby declared, “the country is on the cusp of experiencing a tremendous spiritual renewal. And I believe that he is an instrument in the Almighty God’s hands to turn some pages and some new narrative to be written.”

“God has built him for this moment,” McDonald agreed. “That’s why I don’t think that anything he says is beyond the pale … At the end of the day, I’m right there saying, ‘Go for it, man. Keep preaching. Keep preaching, President Trump, I’m with you.'”

“God had given me a dream back in the 80s and showed me that [Trump] would run and that he would win. A literal dream from heaven,” Valentine bragged. “So I believe this is part of God’s plan. You don’t just have dreams like this. You can’t make this up.”

After urging liberals to “open your ears and open your eyes” to see how God is using Trump, Valentine later declared that “if you don’t like this country and you don’t like the president, well, there’s a lot of other countries that you can go to. Just get out. This is the time to get out because the Trump train is rolling.”