League Of The South President Burns Talmud, Israeli Flag

An Alabama member of the neo-Confederate group League of the South posted a video on Monday showing members of the group setting fire to a copy of the Talmud and Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto,” in addition to an Israeli flag.

In the video that the Alabama member uploaded to their page on VK, a social media site popular with Russian users, a group of seven men stand in front of an outdoor fireplace holding Confederate and League of the South flags. One of those men is Michael Hill, co-founder and president of League of the South.

“We are here tonight as the League of the South to put three items to the flame, into the ovens of justice. One is this insidious star of Remphan, the symbol of the Jew. The second is ‘The Communist Manifesto,’ written by Jew Karl Marx, which was responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the 20th century,” Hill says to the camera. “And the Talmud, the blueprint for international Jewry’s plan to rid the world of the white race. All of these will be consigned to the flames of justice tonight.”

After the man speaking mentions Marx, an older man standing behind him throws up a Nazi salute.

“One hundred nine times in the history of the world, the Jew has been banished from our midst. Lord, we ask that you make number 110, come soon, for our Southland. And we also, father, ask you to reveal to the world that hoax that the Jew has been perpetrating now for many years—something called the Holocaust, which is nothing but a con game based on all three of these symbols,” Hill says.

He adds, “We stand for the white race against all of our enemies, particularly the Jew, and all of these symbols represent that enemy.”

While Hill proceeds to place the items into the flames, another Nazi salute is made by his colleague.

“Heil Victory!” the men assembled yell.

Earlier this month, Hill announced that League of the South was severing its formal ties to such neo-Nazi groups as the Traditional Workers Party, National Socialist Movement, and Vanguard America, but it’s apparent that the neo-Nazi rhetoric has stuck.

Some online sleuthing led some anti-fascism activists to suspect the video may have been filmed in Tennessee last weekend, when members of League of the South, Oath Keepers and National Socialist Movement called for mobilization in response to the toppling of a Confederate statue in North Carolina. Some League of the South members were reported to have been planning a rally in Tennessee last weekend. Members of the organization also gathered in Alabama in June; videos from that weekend are being shared here.

This video was provided courtesy of One People’s Project.