LC Outraged That Bus Drivers Have To “Deliver Clients Wherever They Want To Be Dropped”

We have written several posts about Edwin Graning, a Texas bus driver who refused to transport a passenger to a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin because he believed she was going to get an abortion.

Of course, Graning has absolutely no justification for making such a decision and was subsequently fired.  And so, with the support of the American Center for Law and Justice, he claimed he was being discriminated against because of his religion and sued … and was awarded a $21,000 settlement when the bus service decided it would be cheaper to pay him than to fight it out in court.

As part of the settlement, Graning was barred from working for the bus system, which is now making it clear that all drivers are required to take passengers to their destinations … which is very upsetting to Mat Staver and Shawn Akers of Liberty Counsel, who are claiming that Graning was vindicated (which he wasn’t) while the bus service’s new policy means that “if someone wants to rob a bank and they need a ride, that our bus system has to take them there”:  

Can I just point out that these two men are responsible for teaching the law to students at Liberty University’s law school?