“Last Man Standing” On The Texas Supreme Court?

Over the last few weeks, we written several posts about Rick Green, the Chuck-Norris-approved-Alan-Keyes-supported-WallBuilders’-employed-pseudo-historian-TEA-Party-Religious-Right-activist, who has made it into a run-off election for a spot on the Texas Supreme Court.

With the April 13 election rapidly approaching, we though it might be valuable to take a look at the 2004 documentary “Last Man Standing: Politics Texas Style” which chronicled Green’s re-election bid to the Texas legislature and which provides an excellent look at just what sort of ultra-right-wing views Green would bring to the Texas Supreme Court.

Perhaps nothing we have posted so far quite captures Green’s ultra-right-wing views like this clip in which he declares himself part of a “conservative movement raised on Rush Limbaugh” but one who has managed to tone down the rhetoric a bit so as not to “come across as bomb throwers.” Green claims that he cannot be pigeonholed as a right-wing Christian conservative, but then admits that “I am pretty much a right-wing nut” and is then shown at one of his campaign fund-raisers where he takes to the stage to warn that liberals are trying to turn America into a socialist state and  declare that the difference between the Islamic faith and “the Judeo-Christian values that our people share” is that Muslims serve a God that requires them to die and kill while “we serve a God that was willing to die for us”:

In this second clip, Green is shown delivering a Wallbuilders-type of presentation in a local church about how America was founded to be a Christian nation and there is no such thing as the separation of church and state.  That is followed by an examination of Green’s various ethical scandals while in office, which earned him a spot on Texas Monthly’s 2001 “Worst Legislators” list:

This final clip features Green during a debate with his opponent, claiming his wears his Texas Monthly designation as one of the state’s worst legislators as a “badge of honor” and engages in some Tea Party-type talk about his opposition to expanding health care coverage on the grounds that it will just lead people to go to the doctor for every little sniffle and would eventually lead to socialism.  This was back in 2002, mind you, which explains why he has eagerly linked up with the Tea Party movement today: